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Soiree the Day Bestie Box!

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The time has come and the boxes are just about ready! They are officially available for pre-order! 

But before we get into all that here's a special detail about the box in case you missed the VIP emails: 

so much fun in a box!

All thangs girly! 

When trying to decide on the final touch for the box, it was no surprise that these 2 babes came to mind! I mean they're so awesome, it was a natural fit. I'm super excited that they agreed to be a part of the bestie box! 

Jen & Cort from A Whimsy Wonderland have created a special certified girl gang drank for you! 

Included in each box will be the recipe to this delicious drink! I'm sure you heard of these 2 besties, if you haven't then you need to head on over to A Whimsy Wonderland! Don't worry I'll wait. They're worth it. 

Besides the fact that they can make delicious drinks, here's why I love them; 

  • they find fun wherever they go
  •  they know how to throw a good party
  • but they also love a good Netflix binge
  • they're color lovers
  • they're just the sweetest gals!
  • They're all about supporting other girls, and that is #1 for me. Nothing but good vibes :)

treat yo self!

to some Peach Sangria by these 2 peaches. So fitting! 

The inspiration behind bestie the box: 

For me it isn't always easy to find time to spend with my girlfriends, between work, starting a business, raising 2 boys, being a wife, going back to school...okyou get it right? Never mind everything my friends have going on in their lives. It can be really difficult to squeeze in some girl time.

Good ol' days: remember when we were in high school and you spent every free moment with your friends, doing everything & nothing, ALL THE TIME & it was AHHMAZING. Then you became an adult - which totally blows by the way. Who the hell hyped it up to be so great? 

But here's the thing, even though your schedule might be hella tight, scheduling that girl time is super important. Even if it's just laying on the couch drinking some peach sangria while binge watching New Girl (insert your favorite show here) on Netflix. The bond that you have with your girlfriends is always different than a significant other, it has it's own special thang to it. 

I think sometimes we forget to give our friendships the type of attention it deserves. So here's a nice -not too mushy way- to tell your girl; hey, girl, I think you're pretty freaking awesome, and we need to have some dranks, sip, sip, soirée!  ;)

You can find all the details of the box on the Soirée the Day page Click here to head over, you can also pre-order your box! 

Hope you & your girl enjoy :) 

Oh wait before you go....

Here's a funny Ted Talk video I watched awhile back that also inspired me, I found it to be so on point on the importance of your girl gang. Love them, love this video. Check it out then head on over to the detailed page, and schedule some time to Soiree the day! 

****Sorry Soiree boxes no longer available