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Party Supplies every Party Girl should have on hand

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Have you ever decided super last minute to throw a mini party? Like when I threw that SUPER last minute Mother's day celebration. That was decided like 1 hour before our family came over. Well if you're not like me, who does things super last minute, good for you! You're totally crushing this adult thing. 

For the rest of us; here are my list of party supplies you should always have on hand so that 1. You're always ready for a little soiree 2. You don't have to clean that much afterwards. 

Party Plates

Honestly, I hate washing dishes & after a few cocktails I definitely don't want to do any damn dishes. Party plates are so cute nowadays, there are so many good ones to choose from. Even better they're not expensive. Whenever I see some cute plates at target that I just can't live without a pick them up. I bought these cute leafy plates at Shop Sweet Lulu the mini plates are from Target


Who doesn't love a pretty drink? It's all about presentation ladies. Paper straws are always a fave (I may or may not be a paper straw hoarder). Bonus point for super cute drink stirrers. You can usually find cute paper straws in Targets dollar section. These flamingo stirrers are from Oh Happy Day Shop. 


Not a MUST, but again, if you want to avoid as many dirty dishes as possible, then get the cute utensils that you can just toss. These are also from the dollar section at Target. 

Reusable party staples

Cake stands look WAY better than slapping a cake on a plate or something. I own a few different sizes and colors. But this one is from Target...you guessed it, the dollar section! Tiered trays add a little elegance to any party. This birdy tray is from Target but not in the dollar section- womp womp. However the cute pink wine glasses are! 

reusable cake topper

My personal favorite is a custom cake topper! Like this one that was gifted to me by Ladawn Elaine. How awesome is that? She even painted it pink for me! This wooden cake topper can easily be cleaned and reused. Having a pretty cake topper can take any so-so cake to another level. 

For a last minute party I usually go with a box cake mix, yes, I'm cheater, whatever. When I'm a super cheater I just buy a store bought cake. Listen if your friend or whomever gives you shit for not making a cake from scratch, you need new friends. (However, if you are an amazing cake baker- I think you're way cooler than me!)

The other thing that I usually always have on hand are cute cocktail napkins. I don't know it just looks better than a paper towel- in my opinion. 

There you have it that's all you really need to always be ready for a party! Confetti is a bonus, it really makes everything look so much more fun. If you don't have any on hand, you can always cut up some tissue paper, hole punch some craft paper, there are so many quick and easy ways to make it. 

Just pick up some bubbly or whatever you drank, and some apps! You're good to party! 

Cheers to your wicked awesome party babes!