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bestie files: kara & Tracy from Bostonalamode

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I'm so happy to have Kara & Tracy on the blog today! They're the Boston/Cali babes from Bostonalamode. I met these beauties on Instagram and instantly fell in love with their style. It was pretty funny to later find out that we actually worked in the same place. These local babes are taking their blog to Cali, and I can't wait to see that journey. Totally planning on living vicariously through them for awhile! ;)

anyways...here's their bestie file:


Kara & Tracy (a.k.a Stoney & Trixie)

Business name? and/or Instagram handle?

Bostonaldamode  IG: @bostonalamode

Hometown? Where do you live now?

Kara: I grew up on Cape Cod (Monument Beach and Wellfleet) and moving to San Francisco in September!

Tracy: Born and raised in Boston's South Shore (Weymouth) but now, LA is home :)

How would you describe what you do?

we write and content original material for boston à la mode, featuring fashion, food, fitness, and beauty. We try to give you our outlook on high fashion with a F21 budget. We love collab-ing with local businesses and entrepreneurs who have the same approach as us. We aren't able to use our 9-5's as a creative outlet, and that's what we created BALM for.

What's your personal style?

Tracy: Overall - I'm really into timeless pieces; solids and neutral colors. BUT - I am all about the 90s trends coming back in style. Who doesn't live for a good choker?

Kara: I like to put my own spin on classics, juxtaposition a white button down with some destructed skinnies and a brightly colored pointed heel. I'm usually in all black- that's a style, right?

How did you both meet?

cube-mates at MGH (Massachusetts General Hospital). We met on Kara's first day and had an instant connection for all things fashion and food.

What do you love about her?

Tracy: Kara is a go-getter. When she wants something she goes after it, and that's so inspiring to watch as not only a business partner, but a friend.

Kara: Tracy has such a fun and outgoing spirit- she can make friends with anyone and that is something people are instantly drawn to.

what are your favorite things to do together?

Tracy: Our shoots of course! Kara has a sixth sense for being able to take a look to the next level. She always helps me accessorize my outfits perfectly so that everything comes together.

Kara: eating. no but seriously. I always tell Tracy that she should be a food critic. She has a great vocabulary. We love to try out new places and split a bunch of things on the menu and blogging of course.

what song makes you both say YASS this is our song!!

.....we are hardcore Beliebers #sorry

what's your favorite movie or show to watch together?

Kara: Tracy loves her some Bachelor/Bachelorette (I mean, she is a dead ringer for Jojo...) but we've tried watching it together and I ask way too many questions, make too many comments so I'm going to have to go with The Kardashians. Hate them or love them we definitely act like we know them personally.

Tracy: ^^ what she said.

favorite phrase(s)?

"yaaas hunni"

favorite funny memory together?

Literally way too many to choose from but probably the most tears from laughing came from the day that we first face swapped on snap. Omg we were dying- I think Tracy looks like Kelly Ripa with my face haha.

how would you say she motivates you in your business and/or in life?

Tracy: Kara is SO detail oriented, she never misses a thing and always keeps me focused when I tend to get a little side tracked

Kara: Sometimes I can take things too seriously, Tracy definitely helps me to enjoy the ride. We balance each other out perfectly.

what's something you wish she knew about herself?

Tracy: Aside from the fact that she's a total babe (I mean, THOSE CHEEKBONES? Not fair!) she is such a sweet, thoughtful and caring friend. There is no one else I would want to share this process with.

Kara: I'm so proud of Tracy for following her dreams and making a huge move out to LA. It's not easy to leave your friends and family and move to an unknown place with no guarantees. When Tracy wants something she goes after it with 100% focus and that is something I really admire about her. (cheese factor 100)

what do you think makes a great friend?

Tracy: Someone who can tell you like it is. We are definitely sensitive to each other's feelings, but we both genuinely want the best for each other and that's why we know honesty is so important as well.

Kara: ditto. Also think a great friend should be a good listener. Tracy and I have spent countless hours having both very serious and very hilarious conversations. Specifically, when we both decided to make the move to the West Coast we had some pretty serious convos about life. It's good to have a friend who can listen and then be honest with you and not just tell you what you want to hear.

what would you tell your teenage self?

Tracy: You in fact can recover from 4 years of braces.

Kara: Your mom is always right. You will look back in 10 years and literally shake your head and laugh.

what girls trip is on the bucket list?

Tracy: Hands down, no questions asked, Napa Valley.

Kara: All. the. vino. Especially now that we're both in California, although, 7 hours apart :(, we're going to have to do the Pacific Coast Highway soon. Cabo San Lucas??

how do you imagine your friendship to be in 10 years?

Tracy: Probably planing play dates/photo shoots with our baby girls - because the only thing than playing dress up with your bestie is dress up with your daughter.

Kara: I'm sure we'll still be up to the same crazy shenanigans. Who knows, we might even be back in Boston by that time?!

last question: what's your favorite kind of party?

Kara: Beach party, definitely! Reggae, some rosé in a can, and good friends.

Tracy: Give me a backyard BBQ with a handful of my besties and some good music in the background! Can't beat it.

Thanks again Kara & Tracy aka Stoney & Trixie (haha I love it!)  for doing this Q&A with me! I mean seriously, how cute are they? Be sure to check them out at bostonalamode.com and on their IG: bostonalamode

You can expect a new bestie file every Wednesday- so stay tuned to see if you're favorite blogger(s) are next! 

P.S. If you would love to do a Q&A with your bestie on the blog-contact me here.