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Easy Sprinkled Party Popcorn

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Happy National Popcorn day!! Yes, it's a thing, and yes it's today! AND hell yeah popcorn def deserves it's own holiday. Popcorn is f*ckin amazing! 

Truth be told I eat popcorn practically everyday...my youngest son and I hardcore popcorn addicts! 

Today for national popcorn day we couldn't just have regular popcorn...

Soooo....I made this party popcorn! It has SPRINKLES! 

I have seen this on Pinterest in the past, usually I see it done with chocolate and few other ways. 

Well I was rushing, while my almost 3 year old demanded I hurry up and hand him the goods (lies, it was me being impatient!). 

I searched the cabinet and found some left over cookie icing. And boom this delicious hack was born! (if someone else already discovered this...don't tell me! Seriously, hush, let me have this one, ok)

All you have to do is pop your favorite popcorn, drizzle the cookie icing over the popcorn and shake those sprinkles on.

BAM done! Ready to party! Unicorn magic POPCORN! 


Wicked easy right? See I would never lie to you! 

This is definitely for the sweet tooth person. 

If you try it let me know what you think :)